I’m baaaaaack!!

So, I submitted my Thesis! (Eeeek!!) I will not lie, I am pooped! I only had 2 hours sleep each night for the last week to get it done. That has to have been the most horrible thing I've done, I hate writing/typing and being desk-bound, so I have no idea why I thought doing… Continue reading I’m baaaaaack!!


I’m taking a break!

Dear All, firstly I just want to say a HUGE thank-you for following my blog and reading and commenting on my posts! However, my PhD is coming to a critical point and I have a few months left to write my Thesis, so this will come first, and I hope you all understand. I will… Continue reading I’m taking a break!



Hi everyone! I've just watched the latest episode of Line of Duty on BBC1 - it's really gripping! On a completely different note, I wanted to quickly share what I've been up to, craft-wise, this weekend. Having watched several craft room tours and gone green with envy over the Christmas holidays I thought to myself… Continue reading Organisation