Stay Safe!

Yuck! The weather in the UK has been horrid over the last week - and there is more to come! There have been trees down across roads, railway lines and power lines. No one is immune - almost everyone my parents know (including my parents!!) have had a fence blow down or a fence panel… Continue reading Stay Safe!


Reading Festival 2012

Yay!!! I came back from Reading Festival 2012 yesterday! It is so nice to be CLEAN and RESTED today, but I had an amazing weekend... We were rather lucky with the weather - it only really rained on Saturday (the heavens opened whilst I was right up at the front for Florence and the Machine,… Continue reading Reading Festival 2012


Olympic Showjumping

I've spent almost the whole afternoon screaming for all our wonderful Equestrial Athletes (& their horses!!) for their amazing performances!!!!! Waving a huge 'Team GB' Union Flag around in my seat at Greenwich Park I was amazed when we managed to get Team Gold for Equestrian Jumping! I took lots and lots and lots of… Continue reading Olympic Showjumping