Today is International Women and Girls in Science Day

Scientist work on the burning questions - how do I stop a tumor growing? How do I stop a disease from spreading? Is this gene linked to this disorder? But despite this altruism and possibility for exciting research and findings, very few women go into the sciences, at Bachelor's level and the numbers decrease further… Continue reading Today is International Women and Girls in Science Day


Global Handwashing 2013

Hello everyone!!! Today is Global Handwashing Day! Did you know that most childhood illnesses could be avoided by practicing good handwashing? The simple act of washing your hands with SOAP & WATER could save children all over the world from hospitalisation and even death in extreeme circumstances. Please watch this video to support Global Handwashing… Continue reading Global Handwashing 2013


Global Handwashing Day

Today is Global Handwashing Day! Hygiene is incredibly important - especially for young children because if they become infected with a bacterial or viral agent that causes diarrhea they can become dehydrated and seriously ill very quickly. The best way to prevent these infections is basic - handwashing with soap and water. This is… Continue reading Global Handwashing Day