I subscribe to a few craft blogs & this was Freshly Pressed – http://sweetsavoryblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/03/geek-out/ and I thought I just HAVE to make a list of the things I geek out about too!

1. Gingers!!!! They DO have souls! and they are beautiful, funny, pale and interesting and for some reason I find them irresistable!

2. Animals – any animal, all animals. But I do have a special soft spot for the 36 existing big cat species (especially the Iberian lynx – Lynx pardinus), horses (especially the Pura Raza Espanola), domestic dogs and cats, ferrets etc. (you get the picture…). I studied Zoology at University of Liverpool and wish I had gone for a job that would have used what I learned more, maybe that is what I will try to do for my next job. I’ve had a subscription to BBC Wildlife Magazine since 1992 (I still have the vast majority of all those magazines too!)

3. CRAFTING!!! I don’t care if it’s making cards, making scrapbook pages, creating fancy dress costumes or decorating; anything that lets me express my artistic side makes me happy. I craft to calm down, I craft to show my excitement, whatever mood you are in there is an artistic medium to help you express it! I often get far too excited whilst wondering around craft shops/browsing online etc and I will see a paper stack or set of brads or something that catches my eye and I think “OMG! I’ve GOT to get that!” even though I have no idea what I will actually do with it, then it gets squirreled away to be taken out occasionally & admired, but still not used, not just yet…

4. Immunology – the immune system is an amazing bit of evolution, and immune evasion is even more interesting. When I was doing my MSc in Immunology of Infectious Disease it was SO interesting to learn all about the cells and hormones and proteins involved, I loved every minute of that degree.

5. Fantasy novels – nothing excites me more than a good fantasy novel – I devour LotR, the Hobbit, Harry Potter, Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, Terry Brooks’ Shannara novels, Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance cycle etc. etc.

6. Music – I think this should be on everyone’s geek list! The reason ‘music’ is on my geek list is because I have such a diverse CD collection – Ska, Reggae, Punk, Pop, Electronic, Metal, Rock, Grunge, Motown, Folk, Jazz, Classical…

7. Anime – mostly the Studio Ghibli Collection films, I also like to draw Bishoujo but have never had the time to work on a storyboard to create a graphic novel of my own, but if I ever do, watch this space…

8. Disney – I grew up on Disney & no one can take that away from me! A sandwich student we had in the lab last year copied a Disney compilation CD for us so we could listen to it in the lab, so I’ve often found myself singing along to a song & after a while found I have an audience through the window… Ah… hmmmm… ‘I just can’t wait to be KING!!!!’

9. Firefly/Serenity – An ex boyfriend got me in to this & it combines my love of Oriental stuff and old-fashioned Westerns & Sci-fi – who could ask for more!?

10. Outdoor Pursuits – I love horse riding, gently bike riding along country lanes, archery and kayaking. I wish I had enough money that I didn’t need to work because then I would probably become a medieval lady of the manor who does needlework, archery and rides her horse everywhere… (going back to Disney AND gingers did I hear that Brave is out in the cinemas…? Oooh, perfect film for me!!) (yeah I love without A Paddle with Seth Green too!)

I don’t know if I should put TV shows on here or not, because it’s a bit diverse – I like period dramas, fantasy like Game of Thrones, Dark Angel, crime shows like The Mentalist & CSI, the game show Total Wipeout… Oh I could go on and on and on!

What do you Geek Out about?